WoW TCG Machinima - The Lich King vs Illidan the Betrayer by Usandu
Class: Unknown | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
One day Illidan, was leading a force of demons into Azeroth to hunt down his enemies. While in Northrend, he encountered Arthas, the Lich King, and they engaged in combat. The fighters were equally matched and the combatants reached an impasse. Illidan decided to retreat and call his allies to help him fight this powerful master of all undead. The Betrayer wanted to know why Arthas had tracked him, but he knew that only fierce battle could give him the answer to his question, so he had to continue the fight...

Fierce combat, abilities, allies, weapons, armor, quests...all these features familiar to players of World of Warcraft can also be found in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
With WoW TCG players are able to take the world of Azeroth with them to the real world, where they can engage in TCG-based player-versus-player (PvP) fights and epic raid battles.
It consists of many of the elements players are familiar with MMO WoW. These include the character classes and their abilities, as well as armor and quests.
In TCG cards often represents an ally or magic spell that a player can use in combat against others and ultimately lead their party to victory.

1. Gurtogg Bloodboil
Front side: At the end of your turn, destroy up to five non-melee allies and flip Gurtogg.
Back side: At the start of your turn, choose a random opposing hero, and it heals 5 damage from itself. Gurtogg can attack only that hero and has +15 ATK while attacking this turn.
At the end of your turn, flip Gurtogg.
*Some allies, like Lady Deathwhisper, died at the end of Illidan's turn thanks to Bloodboil's front side effect

2. Helm of Domination (Lich King's helm)
Once per turn: pay 1 - Target ally has Ferocity this turn.
Death Rattle (When this enters your graveyard from anywhere): Put this armor into its owner's hand.

3. Illidari Archon (comes into play as 3rd Illidan's ally)
When Illidari Archon attacks, you may ready one of your resources.4

4, Magister Ashi (1st Illidan's ally)
When Ashi enters play, look at the top card of your deck. You may put it on the bottom of your deck

5. Fel Rage (Illidan's ability)
Choose one: Draw three cards
or discard your hand and draw five cards.

When an opposing ability, ally, or equipment becomes exhausted, destroy it.

7, Monstrous Terrorguard
When this ally enters play, you may choose and destroy another Demon ally you control. If you do, destroy target ally.

8. Army of the Dead
Destroy all allies. For each ally destroyed this way, you put a 3/3 Ghoul ally token into play.
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