Chewlo 90 Protection Warrior PvP Trailer by ChewloFC
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Vashj ( Whirlwind )
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ChewloFC's Arena Team 1
Lochew Chewlo
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I am about /played 8 days on WoW. I am recently level , and love all the PvP videos I've seen. My goal is to become a 2200 FC for RBG's and just become an awesome player. I'd love for you all to go on the journey with me! Reminder: This is my FIRST time making any type of WoW movie, and the clips are not amazing. They were just my first duels at 90, and some of my first arenas. This is simply a trailer. I plan on uploading videos of really cool Flag Caps and a lot of prot arenas! Please be gentle, but criticism is appreciated! Thanks!

Vashj - Horde

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