Vagor Still Driftin by Terraa
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Daggerspine ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This is not a video about skill or amazing gameplay, just nostalgia from wows prime time.

About the movie, I found it on one of my old hard drivies and I had totaly forgot about this film. It was also uncompleted as you can tell by watching it, so I completed it by making some changes in vegas and uploaded it just due to the nostalgia boost!

What to expect: random clips of a lvl 70 mage running in blues and abusing rank 1 frost bolts (damn I miss that still) blizzard, 1vX and more. Poor quality I guess so download if you want the full effect .

I dont really know why I never finished it back in 08. Better late then never I guess x)



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