MIT Grand Finals (Commentated by Bajheera & Cobrak) Never Kicked vs Getting Back Cash by Oladoda
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Oladoda's Arena Team 1
Fckemweball Bloodfangzjr Oladoda
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Oladoda's Arena Team 2
Drudern Hindicow Mistrq
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My team Never Kicked managed to take home the win of the Molten Invitational Tournament and we are all super stoaked! We won the grand prize of $1250 which is fantastic! Big props to Getting Back Cash who played extremely well and definatly deserve the $750 second place prize and also to the fireplay who got in third and won $500.

This event was extremely fun and lasted for almost 9 hours! Having Bajheera and Cobrak commentate the games made it even more fun. Sadly Cartoonz who was commentating the wotlk tournament held the day before this could not attend the cata tournament.

Our team consisted of Oladoda played by me, Bloodfangzjr played by Brian and Fckemweball played by Gray who also got second place in the previous tournament playing feral spriest hpala.

I do have to say that my partners played extremely well this tournament. Bloodfangzjr managed to keep all the casters locked down and kept cross cc and chain cc with very good consistant stepkicks onto Mistrq (the enemy team's shaman). Big props to Fckemweball for managing to keep very high pressure up, getting consistant double and triple fears + dispelling and shielding both me and Bloodfangzjr very quickly.

The tournament was also a very fun and social event and I would say that all the teams in the tournament played very well and I'm super stoaked again that we managed to come out on top and bring home the win in the Grand Finals.
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