3000g/hour as a Rogue in MoP 5.2 by butz
Class: Rogue | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Blackrock ( Glutsturm )
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Pick Poket macro:

/console set targetnearestdistance 10
/targetenemy [target=target, noexists]
/cast Pick Pocket

I know there are plenty videos about this method but since there were massive changes and buffs (eg Burst of Speed) i thought i give it a revisit.

Sure this is not the most effective way of making gold but the beauty is, that you don't need to have anything fancy for it like level 90, gold to invest or full epic equip.
And sorry for saying "Lockboxes" all the time. It's Junkboxes ofc :/

I hope you like it. If so feel free to like, favor, comment and so on.
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