Gamon - The Movie - Trailer by gamon
Class: Warrior | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Khaz'goroth ( Verderbnis )
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Movie Summary
I always some kind of liked Gamon... so... the other day, nothing to do, i started the wow model viewer and searched for the stuff Gamon actually wears... and found it... then... still nothing to do... i started a new char, a tauren that looks exactly in shape and color and everything like Gamon. I had to lvl him until 41 to wear the five pieces the NPC has... but... it's done...

here's a little trailer... i have a lot of stuff in mind to do with this char, but time will tell if i ever do a full movie with him.

btw, i don't know if all alliance players know Gamon, a lvl 12 killable NPC in Orgrimmar... but who cares for alliance anyway ^^ play horde! ;)



p.s.: i hope you feel a little more sorry next time you port to Orgri and kill Gamon :D.
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