90 Shadow Priest - Solo Black Temple by serilith
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Argent Dawn ( Ruin )
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Hey guys!
I LOVE soloing old world content for transmog sets, and it's amazing how much gold you can actually round up from all the greens! A single run of Black Temple netted me over 380g for about 45 minutes of fights.

There are a few tricky fights out there however, even at 90 and with 408 hp, some fights still prove to be difficult.

Here is part one of my series I will be putting together, featuring the Illidari Council, from Black Temple.

Pop you're CD's and stick to one mob, and everything will be fine!

(Don't pick the healer, she has a reflective bubble and becomes immune to damage every now and thing!)

There is now a portal to help transport you once you down a few mobs, so there is no longer a 45 minute run back to Illidan!
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