25 DKs vs Heart of Fear by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
25 DKs clearing Heart of Fear on normalmode.

We planned to do it on Heroic as far as possible but because of various reasons we didnt manage to do so.

Those of you who saw the stream may remember that, we brought the first boss to 8% on heroic on our best try and then decided to do him normal mode due to time issues (he bugged 2 times what forced us to reset clear trash again)
When we wanted to kill the 2nd Boss on Heroic we got another Bug and couldnt even access him because the Gate of his room didnt open on HC, what forced us to do him normalmode too.

All bosses were first try on Normalmode except Garalon were we fucked it up a bit and didnt have a full raid.

Anyway even with all those annoying bugs and stuff that went wrong, the Event was a shitload of Fun, what always was my main Goal when opening 25 DK Raids and i hope all DKs who were involved enjoyed it as much as me.

Thanks anyone who was part of it and all people who helped me organize it!!!


Why 25 man and not 10 man?
10 man is better to progress and i do it with people i know.
But i enjoy starting little events that Random People can join and its way more fun in a chilled way.

Why you dont do it with a normal Setup?
For the Fun! And i need to see 25 Armys once in a while

What Speccs did the DKs have?
25 Blood on almost any boss. and just 1 Frost Dps on others for Haste Buff and debuff

Why are there Warlocks in the Dmg Meter?
Those arent warlocks, but Skada cant read Russian Letters properly and displays Russian DKs like that

Will you do it on Heroic another time?
Probably yes but in 10 man since i failed to gather 25 people with the necessary gear but 10 people shouldnt be a problem

Why isnt Amber-Shaper from your PoV?
The plan was to let me be the only DK in DPS Specc so i will become the Abomination in P2 100% and can stack properly. I forgot that the small adds always fixate DPS players only and so i died very early because 5 of them constantly hit me in frost specc and so i thought the fight would look better without a dead person as PoV

How can i join future events like this?
Whenever i need people for a 25 DK raid or something similar i do a Recruitment Video before with instructions how to join so if you check my Videos once in a while you shouldnt miss it.
My 10 DK raids consist of handpicked people only

Feint - Vision Driver

Mr Voletron - My Body Mashed up
(i know its the wrong boss but i had to use MrVoletron somewere because of his awesomeness xD)

Paragon X9 - Chaoz Airflow

Peter Satera - Requiem for a Dream Club mix
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