Arathi Basin with Arrowinyoass by ArrowinyoassEU
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aggramar ( Blackout )
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Arrowinyoass Roguamos
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Some people think it's cool and gives them more "swag" and sh*t to make new players feel they suck when all they want is to share content with the WoW community, it isn't all about killing fully geared guys or playing with all the known players that counts in a video, it's the fun you have making it, playing the game and then edditing, I know my editing skills suck but I just started making videos and I ask you to only leave constructive coments below, like "next time try this, you shouldn't zoom in that much" stuff like that not commententing my videos or other new players videos with insults and bringing them down and leaving them no choice but to stop sharing content.

Until I uploaded this 2 videos the newest video there was on the hunter's PvP section was an idiot commentary by Brainddeadly about a 1 shave macro for swifty. Be greatful for what you have, I might not be the best hunter or the funniest but I lost 7 hours just to upload this to you guys with my sh*tty internet. ( 27kb/s of upload --' ).

Thanks a lot if you read all that ;)

Ps: My server is not Aggramar it's Aggra-EU since it doesn't show up in the list of servers I had to choose that one.
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