Warrior solo Cho'gall by lotky
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Drak'thul ( Reckoning )
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Hardest solo I ever made. I had 83 wipes on him (one as you can see in begging was only because I panicked). I want to thank to some stranger who sent me ingame email whit hint how to handle bloods. I was using almost same tactic but I was charging them, leap is much better. So I thank you :)

corruption mechanic - basically have 25 corruption before phase 2 means wipe, so try to be before phase 2 as low as possible. On 100 corruption you cannot be healed and you will do 100% more dmg.
Phase 1: You don't want to 4th add to spawn, so you need really high dps in this boss. Stand in every fire possible, use only dps glyphs (Hold the Line, Heavy Repercussions, Incite), regem and reforge yours gear in all critical (I had 17,73% crit rating)
adds - don't stand in Corrupting Crash (+5 corruption) and interrupt Depravity (high priority interrupt, +5 corruption). I used Disrupting Shout talent for interrupt, because you need to kite them in one place and cast of Depravity is really fast
bloods - one melee hit from them = +3 corruption. For warrior this is really annoying, because we don't have placeable aoe or large range aoe (8 yards is really low). Best you can do is to kill them whit dragon roar. Try to kite them and when they are in one big group, leap and dragon roar. Whit a bit of luck, they don't hit you.

Phase 2: on 25% starts boss Execute. yours corruption start automatically increasing. After you reach 25 corruption, yours corruption level start increase really fast. At this point try to heal as much as possible before you reach 100 (healing potion etc.). Cho'gall spawn in this phase Darkened Creations, which cast Debilitating Beam (75% healing and dmg reduction). Interrupt them and kill as soon as possible. Save yours defensive cooldowns for moment, when you will be fully corrupted. GL :)

Two Steps From Hell - Hunter's Moon
Immediate Music - Whit Great Power
Immediate Music - Strength & Honor
Two Steps From Hell - Sons Of War
Two Steps From Hell - Nemesis
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