Sbkzor V Reborn by Sbkzor
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Sbkzor's Arena Team 1
Sbkzor Itchilòl
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Sbkzor's Arena Team 2
Sbzkzor Drpro
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Hello. Itchi and I were playing on ArenaTournament (Visionx & Karimlul 1950+) and I made some videos to show how we learnt to play this comp. After a year without playing Spriest/Rogue, we played it together to make a new video with our new computerz.
Saddly we didnt played that much, and I did not wanted to cancel this cute project, that's why it is pretty short.

I hope You will like it ! We felt a bit rusty but that was still cool to make this video because many viewers asked for some Itchi's pov on my youtube chanel.


YouTube Link (1080/30fps)

Length : 00:10:03 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 30

Part 1 : Double PoV

Both PoV from Rogue & Sp
- Fanboyz Nick
- Blue Stahli Celldweller New Tracks
- Mixed PVE/PVP Gear on Blizzlike Realm
- Tricks to entertain

Part 2 : SPR ft. Drpro

SP/R (ft. Drpro - 2k9 (rank #1) AT TLK Gladiator rogue)
- 1 Hour recording on NextGen server
- Nice game vs R/M. + 2 random teams.
- StarterGear (Season 3)


Blue Stahli - Ghost of Love (David Lynch Cover)
Blue Stahli - Atom Smasher vs. Fever Ray
Celldweller - Senorita Bonita
Blue Stahli - Suit Up! (ft. Southpaw Swagger)
Paul Udarov & Voicians - Inside

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