Acrobatics 2 - Arena Tournament | ft. Dozerx, Uroshsmrad and more! by timmymvp
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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timmymvp's Arena Team 1
Creampuffie Uroshsmrad Timmehx
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I'm sorry it took so long to release 'Acrobatics 2' but anyway it's finally here as in before, all games were basically recorded on Arena Tournament, there's also a few games that were recorded on Molten WoW;


@AT IGN (In-game name): Timmymvp
@Molten WoW IGN: Timmehx

The first clip is me playing RPS on 4.0.6 patch, the RMP clips are in 4.3 patch and 2s is a thug. I wasn't planning to work on 'Acrobatics 3' latterly since school kind of takes a lot of my free time, but we'll see what's up until next time and let's just hope that I've gotten lots of time to play, I might stream as well but it's not really certainly yet and sorry to those whom I haven't shoutout'd to.

Today is 2013/05/03.
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