How 3 - Gladiator/2650+ experienced disc priest PvP by How
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Auchindoun ( Vindication )
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Garxz How Kaisersimon
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Garxz How Pitbred
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Hey everyone and welcome to my 3rd movie. In this movie I will be playing PHD (Priest/Hunter/DK) aswell as Thugcleave (Priest/Hunter/Rogue). All games are recorded between 2200-2400 mmr.

Priest/Hunter/DK - Garxz & Pitbred
Priest/Hunter/Rogue - Garxz & Kaisersimon
(Priest/Mage - Makzine)
(Priest/Priest/Priest - Stökigt & Cronie)

Q: Whats the addon called that adds the dark edges in your UI?
A: "Santa UI Textures", You can find it on

Q: How do you add a trinket tracker/move my enemy arena frames?
A: I use an addon called "sArena"

Q: What is the addon called that tracks the enemy cooldowns (above their nameplates)
A: Icicle

PLAYLIST (in order):
Insan3like - The Other Day
Cash Cash - Overtime
Cash Cash - Michael Jackson
I see Stars - The Hardest Mistake (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)
Kat Krazy Feat. Elkka - Siren (Extended Mix)
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