Ladivx 0.5 (2850 + Priest Arena-Tournament) by ladivx
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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ladivx's Arena Team 1
Ladivx Aspyx/Karaxd
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ladivx's Arena Team 2
Ladivx Drpro
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ladivx's Arena Team 3
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---------------READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING THE MOVIE PLS-------------


First of all I would like to say that this is a WOTLK Dp/Rogue movie , so if you don't like the comp or you don't like lvl 80 pvp don't watch it .

This movie has been recorded on known as the best PvP Wotlk server .


PS: In the movie will appear games with my mate on his character Karaxd which doesn't have any gear , so in games like the pala lock ,we beat them with rogue as full shop. ;D
What am I going to see in this movie ?

-Priest lvl 80 PoV.

-2.6 Dpriest/rogue , (I got also rival as shadow priest rogue with Zamoun / Elenthier)

- Everyone who appears in the movie is glad/rival/rank 1 despite few arenas that are ppl from 2.5 +/-

-Dp/Rogue in both specs , sublety and mutilate .

-Playing from not hard matches (such as disc war ) to hard counters (Hpal/Dk or Sp/Rogue )

What am I not going to see ?

-Godlike editing , since this is my first movie and I've tried my best Althoug it's not awesome .

-Tactics . When I say this , I mean that in the video there are no tactics explained . I'm so sorry about this , and I don't want you to think that Dpriest/Rogue consists only in tunneling someone .We have our OWN tactics , that are a bit special . I will show them in the next movie , since I think it was a big error not to write them in this one and I think they are important.

-Huge variety of comps , since in a quite high mmr these are the teams you usually face .

Finally , I would like to say that I've just released this movie because I got some nice feedback on some videos and I wanted to make something bigger .

What's more , I would like to encourage people to play Dp/rogue (I know you'll only face counters like 24/7 but ... ) because it is a very versatile comp and very funny to play.

I hope you like it , please : Rate and comment :D


1-Martin Garrix - Animals (Teaser)
2-Let it Out - Danny McCarthy (Dubstep)
3-Many Visions (TheInstrumentalCore)
4-Dubstep - Intense - Insert Title Here Dubstep VIP

Thanks for watching.

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