Mount Hyjal Blockade (2007 TBC) by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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This is an old video from the 2007 days in WoW. The video was not made by me but a guild member at the time and i have been granted permission to add it here.
This video may not show any major skill but it will show some very old school wpvp and ganking.

Outland Eu, the Major PvE/PvP Guilds had been infiltrated and we had discovered that all of them sent people to the summoning stone at the same time. So we headed down to harass them. After a while the guilds then known as 'Infamous', 'Union' and 'Glory Days', began building up in order to push us out, when 'Succession' a famous horde guild at the time came down to back us up.
This was the day we actually made our name and carved out apart of the server just for us.
For a few hours we blocked out the raiders but all was to end in glorious fashion. Sadly i had organized 2 raid groups, one blocking the entrance at the summoning stone and then second blocking the entrance to the instance itself.
Well when the Alliance finally merged all guilds together they plowed through Succession and the other horde guilds upstairs and then finally through us.

What the video doesn't show is what happened all across Tanaris at the same time. People heard about the blockade on ever side and since all the major guild names were being mentioned, hundreds of people came down from all sides and there was massive ganking and wpvp going on all over the place, mainly around Gadgetzan.
Its sad for me to look back at videos like these knowing that they will never again take place without help. The days of WPvP are over, yet videos like this are like windows into the past.

I hope you enjoy gazing through the window at a world that no longer exists.

Guild - A Bunch of Gankers
Outland Eu 2007
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