Gankzilla by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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(Re-edited version of the Original, because Youtube muted sound. Done with Windows Movie Maker its been taken from 480p)

Okay so up until this point on our server at the time 'Defias Brotherhood', we had just been ganking role players in the open but in small groups. Every time they had brought large numbers we had to run as we hadn't the members to fight them.
Well this video and this raid was the point in which all that changed and we started boldly taking on numbers that far exceeded what even the best raid could handle. However due to a fierce amount of organization and raid tactics we started devising ways in which to wipe the Alliance.
Example of this was a raid in Arathi Highlands where 5 of us wiped a 48 man raid, twice.
Sadly i do not have that footage anymore but i do have plenty others already on this channel showing that. So back to this video.
So basically you will see us attacking larger raid numbers. The Alliance on the server had organized Role Play events in contested zones with the one thought that, if there was too many people there we would not be able to attack.
This is the first raid that was to kick off everything that was to follow.

Guild - A Bunch of Campers

*If you want to know what it says in the writing here is the youtube link, but it wasn't worth linking as an additional link.
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