66% PvP Power by Nakamura
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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5.2 patch
66% PvP power
flask, berserking
camping enemys

no skill.

Just wantd to make it clear again...
I started playing mage couse i used to idolize Vurtne, i did many movies but not on my wcm account, and they were manly on private servers so i didn't felt like posting them, yes i am a fanboy, the Thumbnail is a SS of my character, i have the same skin Vurtne had, Vurtne will always be my favourite gamer, this video doesn't rapresent anything, i stopped playing wow in 5.2, and still had this footage, so i felt like sharing it, posting it with some chillstep compilation i found aroudn the internet, the footage feature me destorying people in arcane spec with 66% pvp power, and using berserking, plus i have a healer behind me (not premade). The video is made on a whole BG gameplay, so i didn't want to edit anything, and wanted to leave it as clear as possible, if you like editing, i'm sorry to disappoint you, anyway thanks for watching.
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