THHDs Blasted Lands by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravenholdt ( Misery )
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This video is one of the last videos done for The Holy Half Deads when we were on Ravenholdt January 2010. It covers a 15 v 15, Guild war with The Agency of War, some wpvp around Blasted Lands, some fighting in Honor Hold and a Stormwind raid. The entire day was amazing. However the days of WPvP like this would eventually end due to Dark Saints our rival guild at the time, refusing to engage in any form of fighting with us, due to getting annihilated on ever encounter. WPvP eventually died out and we moved to Kazzak Eu under the name A Bunch of Gankers.

So this video marks the end really of the good old days on Ravenholdt Eu. And a video most of the members from the time always talk about. The battle in Honor Hold was originally us vs some random alliance but Dark Saints came down to join in and we were ready for them. So it also marks one of the last fights between our guilds.
Shame it all ended but then i don't regret anything because what we did on Kazzak was also fairly insane.

Made by Nanosh the video is a fine example of what a well trained wpvp guild can do on its own.
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