THHDs vs DS Guild War by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravenholdt ( Misery )
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This video is perhaps not the best video ever made, however it is most likely, considered the best moment in a couple of hundred peoples WoW lives. The build up to this guild war was about 5 months of forum banter and rivalry.

DS - Dark Saints were lead by Parashade an egotistical, self absorbed AHole, who refused most my offers for a guild war, saying i had to pay him 10,000gold just for the offer.
But over the next few months i continually trolled and beat him in the open, using ambushes and hunting tactics.
Eventually he consented to a 20 vs 20 but his over confidence lead him to believe that he didn't even need to practice. He even declared openly on the forums for the week up to it that we were nothing and would wipe, bla bla bla.
On the other hand, we The Holy Half Deads were being drilled endlessly in Alterac Valley, trying to do blockades with 10-15 people and seeing if we could hold the 40 alliance running south back, we were focused and the level of seriousness taken on by the members was actually rather intense.
Then came the fight day. 20 v 20.
The end result of this Guild war ignited WPvP on the server and began one of the best periods i have ever seen for wpvp in the games history.
The bruised ego of Parashade trying to regain some respect lead him into some of the best battles we ever had. This video is a benchmark for perhaps every member of THHDs and is considered one of the all time greatest videos of our entire history.

The video was filmed by Ralathon a member of Dark Saints as our film footage actually became corrupt. However as there was plenty of excuses going around at the time, Ralathon zoomed in as to hide the chat logs.
Welcome to one of the most remembered guild wars of Wrath of the Lich King, 2009. Ravenholdt Eu.
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