Quarantine by Veinmetal
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bonechewer ( Reckoning )
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Orion Zerg
Veinmetal Anubisviper
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This is the story of a psychopath serial killer who was charged with more than 200 accounted murders.
The story shows an alternative universe where the "back then potential psychopath" took a different path of destiny in his early years as he started playing World of Warcraft. His urges were channeled within the mmorpg itself with the same passion as if he would've done the killings IRL.
Dexter Morgan, does it IRL, with a code given by Harry. But our hero took a more soft-core option by simply channeling his needs in a purely virtual way.
Unlike Brievik who was more hybrid, mixing World of Warcraft with martyr IRL killings, our hero has a pure moral code given by his mental illness and early life religious and moral education who's greatly influenced the development of his life's events.

Veinmetal's Quote of the year "I hate brilliant elite players who quit WoW after making the most amazing PvP video of all time"
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