WoW Machinima Tutorials - How To Get Your Videos SEEN! by Nixxiom
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***The Warcraft Movies part of the video is obviously more dedicated to my Youtube audience. Ignore it my fellow WCM goers!*** :)


Struggling with get the view counter to go up on your newest video? Maybe I can help! I hope so, at least.

One the most difficult challenges new machinimators face is the whole concept of getting your content viewed by people across the world. Some believe they're just restricted to Youtube and the luck of the search engine. But you're wrong, good sir! There are many ways to get your videos more views and in this video I show you guys two websites that can help you along with a few tips you can use on Youtube to get more views and grow an audience!


Check out the WoW Movie Watch and feel free to send Michael Gray an email at: [email protected] for him to review your video and possibly feature it! Good luck, guys!


Youtube is filled with lots of tricks and techniques to get noticed. Start by always putting [WoW Machinima] in your video titles to make them more likely to appear in search results, fill your videos with as many tags as you are able to, fill up your description with useful information, and chain your videos together through links or annotations. Most importantly: Make sure it's easy for people to subscribe to your channel! There's lots more to say about Youtube but I will save more for future videos.


Music Used:

1. Bustre - Don't Be Negative

2. Bustre - Where Have You Been?

3. Bustre - Face of a Rebellion

BustrexxMusic features some AMAZING pieces of music that I highly recommend you check out. All rights to the songs go to him as well as any of those who work with him over at his channel. Keep up the great work!


Good luck with your growing channels everyone! Together to the Top! For supporting me I will support all of you! If you want to get one of your videos featured, send me a message and link it so that it can appear on the next "5 WoW Machinima's You MUST Watch" episode!
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