Eltonowns - TBC PvP II by Eltonowns
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Hello! Long story "short"

Few months ago i uploaded "A good day to eviscerape hard PT.I (really famous vid lol)

And these few months i have been struggling to get the Part II done but sadly my VEGAS7.0 Got some how corrupted..dont ask me how..(yes im still using vegas70 lol)

unninstalled and re-installed etc but it didnt help. Had about 70% done but lost the whole project and some of the clips.

Installed Sony vegas12 and still had some clips on my HDD so i thought i still want to do somekind of "movie"

I guess im getting bit too old for this game..and yes the game is getting bit old as well hehe.

Here is a short and hopefully sweet World PvP video u can check out while drinking your coffee after hard day at work!

This is going to be last video for me so thanks to anyone who has ever watched and enjoyed my previous videos and hopefully u can enjoy this one too.

-World PvP
-unskilled & ungeared opponents
-"Big edits" which many can find annoying.(SOME EDITING EFFECTS DOESNT SYNC PERFECT WITH WCM STREAM! )
-no dubsteptrance,subscribe begging,advertisement

Got inspired by Anarchies&Evolas The leftovers,Scrapped

Songs: The Stranded - ill will future,Bleach OST - Soundscape to Ardor (M.T Remix)

Archangel 2.4.3

Sony Vegas 12 PRO
WOW Modelviewer

Rendered in 1440x1080x32 30FPS Use Youtube 1080p plox!

Same old shit, just a different day. Peace out.
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