THHDs Level 1 Tauren Race by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: Contest | Server : EU - Ravenholdt ( Misery )
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The Holy Half Deads Level 1 Tauren Racing from Wrath of the Lich King. Where winners got 200g-500g, a small fortune at the time. This video is one of the only videos left showing our old races. We had a separate guild created where our Level 1 racers would be housed and then we would run them in random high level zones.
This race is from Shattrath to Shadowmoon Valley.

Rules - No help, No ress sickness cheating, Must be level 1.

A Couple of Hundred deaths later and you reach the finish line. Sadly blizzard made it so no more than 4 lvl1's could join groups or raids so we could no longer properly manage these events. The last one ended in 2010.
This video was done during 2009, Early Wrath. On Ravenholdt Eu.
The Author now long gone was called Lucrezzia.
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