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Hmm... again not proud of this but its got its value.

Basically this guy Zizzla was boasting about his Arena rating having left Outland unable to break 2k, he left to Stormscale Eu, a notorious realm for boosting.
Upon his return a month later he had a Rating of 2.7k and refused to name the people he got it with. His attitude changed and he became like most Arena Heads self absorbed, delusional and annoying.
He created a Youtube channel and acted like he was swifty and began creating fake accounts to make comments on his videos and so on. He stole also a name of a legend from one of my old servers. Cuddlebug a High end Gladiator Rogue also known as Dvlx, this guy, 'Zizzla', began copycatting the guy and sort of stealing his identity. Yes this does happen as i have dealt with many people pretending to be me before, they steal reputations earned, friends made and lives lived. It is a gross representation of what a WoW player should be and well i decided to bring him back to reality in my own way.
You understand where this is going.

So, i made a parody of one of his own videos and trolled him a bit. It sort of ruined him actually. But meh.
Anyway this is a really weird video parodying this video by him:

Hope people can understand the humor in it.
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