Revanent III by Revanent
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Thunderhorn ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

If you enjoyed my two previous movies, i hope you enjoy this one aswell. I was supposed to stop after the first film, but people enjoyed it, so i thought id go again, and now again. The feedback on my films has been better than anything i had expected. To read comments on my movies that they inspired people to pick up there rogue again, is just fantastic. That is what its all about.

--What to Expect--

-5.3 Mutilate Rogue
-Duels. im still not perfect, but still entertaining(?)
-minimal editing
-CD abuse.
-no Shuriken Toss :D
-no focus frame. i dont need a visual aid to keep track of something i can already see.
-same music genre as before

--Talents played--

-Shadow Focus
-Combat Readiness*
-Burst of Speed
-Paralytic Poison
-Marked for Death

*switched for Deadly Throw in Warlock duels.

Once again the film was made for entertainment and any "oh that was quite a fun/ skilled(?) moment." Im not trying to reinvent the wheel here, what i do we've seen before. Done better than i can.
For this film i took into consideration all what people had said on my previous films, regarding battleground footage mainly. I was sceptical at first to put bg footage in, as bg footage always comes under fire from people. But it is what it is. I played battlegrounds for a month or so, frapsed what my patience would allow, and decided to keep it. I like it.

--The Battlegrounds--

The players in the battleground footage, obviously i dont know what gear they have, all i tried to go on at a glance was health pools. whilst that doesnt decide a fair fight, theres two of them. Dont think to hard about it, its just control one player and murder his mate infront of him. Thats it.

--The Duels--

The people in the duels are all full current season geared, apart from myself, im in 2 part s13 and 2 part t15 exactly the same gear as last video.

im aware some duels are quite long, couple minutes at most, it is what it is. Mainly the Warlock, he was Affliction and played control/ survival talents. Those being:

-Dark Regeneration
-Howl of Terror
-Sacrificial Pact
-Blood Horror
-Grimoire of Supremacy
-Kil'jaedens Cunning

I found this made for hard duels, he won about 14 to my 3 wins.
All other players dueled, win/ loss was relatively even.

This film like the two others is all made in Windows Live Movie Maker. I used what i had, as we all do.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch. Enjoy.

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