Ultio Sanguinis in Hyjal (Remastered 2013) by Axeman Movies
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Aman'Thul ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
Ultio Sanguinis in Hyjal (Remastered 2013)

a Ultio Sanguinis Guild Movie

directed by

produced by

editing by
Axeman Movies & AxeProductions

in association with
Ultio Sanguinis & Essential

used programs
Windows Movie Maker
MAGIX Video Pro X5
Adobe After Effects CS6

used game
World of Warcraft

story by

Just a movie I made to entertain my former guild, and to show off some off my Greatness (well..it does have some points that might reflect self-ironie, but see for yourself:)

Note: The movie is in German and it does have a storyline to follow through, so if your German ist not that great, you might wanna skip this one :)

For anyone else, especially members of Ultio and Essential...think back and always remember the good times we had...Enjoy !!

...oh and don't look at the numbers too much...back then that was DMG! :)

(Server : EU - Aman'Thul - Raserei)
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