Frost Mage PVP show in CHN server [MOP 5.1] by tim-w
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : Asia - ֮ ( Group 4 )
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This video is made on November 2012 by a Chinese student that study in UK and play the World of Warcraft in Chinese server with the high ping(more than 600~900ms) for a long time.Although I had left in this game and AFK for six months,I still have the happy memories of the past in the game. I hope you will like this video and the songs.THX.

国服冰法战场人头王娱乐视频,身为学生海外网络延迟高请谅解!寒冰炸和触发霜火固然给力,但视频里的闪和操控时间自认为用的很到位(尤其风暴之眼的几处亮点= =)
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