Burning movie - Syssaen FIre Mage by ySs
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Read before to watch: I noticed only now a mistake in the video in 12.19 regarding the "5.4 patch" it's 5.3. To avoid another hour of rendering i leave it so.

Hello everyone. This is my "try movie" that took me about 2 week of editing and a lot of time to find the video material.
This is not the usual"PVP VIDEO GLADIATOR UBERSKILLED YEAH YEAH 3500K+ TUNZ TUNZ" Sincerely, in this pandaexp become really hard to do the old "skilled" things like in TBC/WOTLK, it's so because blizz put all classes at the same level about skills, gameplay and "brain-use"
Anyway, this movie represent a part of my gameplay and how i find really funny play Fire Mage in all his aspects.
Except some little things, u will not see "3k arena" or anything else about it. But u will see a Fire Mage while playing and some strange things that i wanted to add in this video.

If i will see interest from ppls for this video about edting etc, i will do a new more complete video. (i'm already working on it sincerely but anyway wanna see if this like or no)

Music in order:

Offspring - Original Prankster
Adventure Club Ft Krewella - Rise & Fall
Seven Lions (feat Shaz Sparks) - Below Us
Audiomachine(Terminus) - 11 Days in Hell

Ravendesign for intros - http://www.ravenprodesign.com/

Thanks for watching guys!
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