Lytning 0.5 - Believe | 2200+ Disc Priest PvP by Lytning
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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five point three sux
Geneticzz Lytning Tarkoni
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Hey guys, welcome to my first PvP movie! Included are disc priests arenas all taking place between 2k and 2.2k mmr on US - Tichondrius (BG9)!

Most of the clips are short and include big plays and entertaining moments as a disc priest. There are mostly these short clips in place of full length games because I didn't have a large variety of footage or many games that were entertaining from start to finish. It is primarily for these reasons, and because not all games were against 2.2k+ players, that this is Lytning 0.5 and not Lytning 1.

A lot of work went in to making this movie, and I really hope you enjoy it! Recording took place between 5.2 and 5.3, and this was edited most days for nearly 3 months!

After watching the movie, I would really appreciate it if everyone left some type of comment or constructive criticism to make Lytning 1 even better. While I already specified that I wanted to include more full clips of entertaining games, specifics of what you want to see would be greatly appreciated. Also, don't just criticize the gameplay, but the editing as well. If you enjoyed the movie, be sure to subscribe to for more!

Song List:
Rameses B - Bring Me To Life (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Adventure Club - Do I See Color
The Digital Connection - Unusual Entities (Cryptex Reglitch)

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