Syl10 III - Rank 2 (2253 Rating) - Level 85 Twink Rogue by Syl10
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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We cant afford MoP
Embrax Sylten
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Sylten - Rank two rogue featuring Embrax.

Now, you might wonder, but armory says that you are rank XX?!?
Exactly, but that is not a twink rank, that is an overall rank where 90s takes place as well, we were rank 2 in the level 85 twink bracket right after Switchx (who obviously wintraded as they only have 2,3 with 140~ wins).

The music in this video is Pendulum - Showdown, but I guess that most of you already know the name of it :P

Now, the reason why me and Embrax never went any higher was because he wanted to sit 2200 rating (he had never before been 2,2 in the 2v2 bracket :|) even though I tried motivating him to go rank one, (we had decent que pops) he said no.

About two games were played with Mnoora, another guildie. He is mainly a marksman hunter but for those two games, he went beast master.

A shoutout to Minutemadex here for bothering with the ques, finally got the cool Bloody Dancing Steels.

Ps. LNB & Mohamed älskar KFC
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