Hunter Solo: Ragnaros Heroic by Greyman
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Draenor ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Greyman, Draenor, Pandaren, 546ilvl, 3/1/3/2/1/3 BM ( Spec made specially for this fight )

Ragnaros Heroic - Firelands - Solo

Addons used:
LUI - main interface
DBM - bossmods
Bartender - spellbars
JSHB 4 - middlescreen focus addon/cd tracker
ExtraCD - trinket proc tracking
Skada - Damage meter

Bagnon - bag addon
Atlas Loot - Loot table for all instances/raids
Mik's scrooling battle text - self explanatory
Combat Time - self explanatory
Range Display - self explanatory

ACDC - Highway to hell (Cover by Gustavo)
Audiomachine - Godspeed (Mark Petrie)
Mark Petrie - Unification
Cryptex - Slay It

I only wanted "Highway to hell" to describe your "path" towards fighting evil as a general concept. Also, Ragnaros is a classic boss. And classics belong to the classics. I felt that the introduction worked perfectly. Only thing that doesn't feel right is the transition between "Highway to hell" and "Godspeed". Couldn't find a song that would be fit in the change of genres.

Had a bumpy road the last couple of months, both regarding the game and some aspects of my life. Last night, having a moment to cool off, decided to do something which I planned for at least three months.

Glyphs used:
Glyph of Animal Bonding - All healing done to you+pet increased by 10%
Glyph of Mending - Increase the healing done by Mend Pet by 60%
Glyph of Liberation - Healed for 5% of total health when you Disengage.

Encounter Info:

This fight is...AWESOME from all points of view. Major respect for it from my part.

- First phase: Position yourself in a way that you'll have the traps out of your main movement area. You'll need to blow them off later. You can either do that with Deterrence or just move into them and disengage when you're close to the ground. Make sure, during your inactive time the pet has a heal up and maybe a CD available. You'll see me fail the disengage first time due to miss calculation (had a 0.5 second error).

- Transition Phases:

First: Kill all adds or Deterrence them off when they reach the hammer.

Second: Feign Death when the big adds are active so they won't engage. IF you do engage them however, you'll have to keep one little add very with very low HP so the third phase won't start until you'll kill both big adds. If though, you'll plan do deterrence most adds, you can cleave the adds when facing the boss at the same time in third phase.

- Second phase: Same as first, w/o the traps. Stay in the safe zones so you can have a better control of dodging Engulfing Flames. (Safe Zones are the immediate edges of the flame lines.)

- Third phase: Same as second with a big change. The meteor needs to be kited around the safe zones and still close in healing the pet. Watch out on that. You can also stick to a position and just bounce it off when too close. Low iLvL will come with more meteors though. It is still doable even with three lets say, but it'll make fourth phase a bit harder.

- Fourth phase: Take the deluge ASAP. Get the meteor in the first Breadth of Frost so it'll be easier further on. If you have more than one meteor, you can get them all in the first Breadth and Area of Effect them down. Keep your Bestial Wrath + Barrage if that will happen.

If, for some reason, you might still have a meteor alive, don't panic. Get it into the next breadth while still kiting it. Watch out for incoming traps though !

For Empowered Sulfuras simply position yourself behind the trap, dismiss pet when the cast is happening and call him back when the boss is trapped.

DON'T FORGET ! HE RESETS AGGRO AFTER EACH TRAP. Feign Death is a must have here. IF the trap spawns under the boss you have three possibilities.

1: Move your pet ASAP ( if it dies because it gets hit by its back, don't worry. Deterrence + Res him. Don't use CD's when the trap is up. Let the pet die, it's easier to move around without it )
2: Dismiss the pet ASAP and call it back when boss is safe - easier version.
3: Master's Call your pet to your position - Sometimes it doesn't really work and it has a small range so I don't recommend it.

Mistakes or something I could have done different:
Miss calculation of first Disengage (.5 seconds error)
Getting hit by Hammer Waves at 4:00 since I forgot to lock my buttons on the interface and was placing the shell on the pet bar. Could have also disengaged out of it or used Deterrence. (that would have been needed for next transition and barrage was not available if I messed up the adds.)
Could have also used Deterrence in second transition to clear the trap at the same time.
DPS rotation might not be followed perfectly due to using other spells to follow the "tactics".

I DID NOT follow a certain tactic, just went in and adapted as the fight went on.
I DO NOT OWN any of the songs used in the making of this video.

The dead Hunter, [email protected] Mill was one of the guys who helped me clear the instance until Raggy. He was there as a live viewer on my tries. Ty for the encouragement.
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