Mop 5.3 Arcan Mage PvP by Pelemos
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Malygos ( Verderbnis )
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Please read description first.
I now play Wow (pvp only) for about 5 years and switched back to playing arcan a while ago since I found frostmage gameplay pretty boring and I didn´t really like firemage either.
Then, after I had some free time recently, I gave it a thought to create a little arcan mage pvp video to show that there´s still a third playable specc for mages.
(I´m aware that practically every specc is playable and that arcan is one of the less good speccs to play pvp with.)
The clips in this video include battlegrounds only with a little editing.
Since there are only very few people who play (almost) perfectly and I´m not one of them expect to see some mistakes.

What to expect:
- not taking another arcan mage seriously
- various fights against one or more players in Warsong, Arathi, Silvershard Mines and Twin Peaks
- close surviving
- me being chased by a persistent feral (note: good ferals rape arcan mages)

What not to expect:
- me easily raping groups of two or more players (okay maybe once)
- skillcaped gameplay

(16 min duration, song list at the end of the video)
For best quality I recommend you to download the video.
Hope you enjoy watching!
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