Mop 5.3 Arcan Mage PvP by Pelemos
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Malygos ( Verderbnis )
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Please read description first.
I now play Wow (pvp only) for about 5 years and switched back to playing arcan a while ago since I found frostmage gameplay pretty boring and I didnt really like firemage either.
Then, after I had some free time recently, I gave it a thought to create a little arcan mage pvp video to show that theres still a third playable specc for mages.
(Im aware that practically every specc is playable and that arcan is one of the less good speccs to play pvp with.)
The clips in this video include battlegrounds only with a little editing.
Since there are only very few people who play (almost) perfectly and Im not one of them expect to see some mistakes.

What to expect:
- not taking another arcan mage seriously
- various fights against one or more players in Warsong, Arathi, Silvershard Mines and Twin Peaks
- close surviving
- me being chased by a persistent feral (note: good ferals rape arcan mages)

What not to expect:
- me easily raping groups of two or more players (okay maybe once)
- skillcaped gameplay

(16 min duration, song list at the end of the video)
For best quality I recommend you to download the video.
Hope you enjoy watching!
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