Derothryn 1 by wowpvparena
Class: Deathknight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostwolf ( Bloodlust )
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Derothryn 1
5.3 Frost Death Knight PvP:

This is my first feature movie being uploaded to WCM and Youtube and I have had a nightmare of an experience editing the clips to be rendered correctly. Through partial mistakes of resolution irregularities and hours of highly stressful troubleshooting I have successfully created "Derothryn 1".

My 2k rated Death Knight is on the Frostwolf server in the Bloodlust battlegroup (BG 9)!

This action packed PvP video includes footage from
-Temple of Kotmogu-
-2k rated 2v2 arena-
-Lowbie ganking in world pvp-

Music used:
Brand X Music - Slay The Dragon
Ellie Goulding - Lights (DUBSTEP) remix
Dj Ephixa - Turret error
Zews - Godlike
Dj Ephixa ft Veela - Fall silently
Living Legends - Falling down

Here is the link to my page.
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