Goblin by Veinmetal
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bonechewer ( Reckoning )
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- inspired from a true story -

I never explained to those who never understood the point of this video. Back in Warcraft days, the game was strategy. Having an army with units countering units. Each unit had a specific purpose. A catapult for example, was devastating against buildings but 1vs1 against a grunt, the catapult would stand no chance. The point of the video is to remind people complaining about their class in WoW and also Blizzard, that WoW shouldn't have been about 1vs1 but rather Army vs. Army. In such way that it would be perfectly normal for a mage to get destroyed by a paladin 1vs1. But because people are so egotistical, self centered and selfish they pressured Blizzard to make their class ... more hybrid, somewhat with self heals, dps, survivability on their own, etc.

Defeated, Blizzard staff delivered results transforming classes into equal powers units displayed with different animations and art work.

When I first started playing WoW in 2004, I had in mind to play a shaman because of what my understanding of Warcraft 3 shaman unit used to be. I quickly realized in WoW, there are no 'units' from Warcraft played by players but rather ... characters similar to the Heroes from the Taverns of Warcraft 3.
A shaman in WoW wasn't like a shaman in Warcraft but rather more like the Voodoo Master Troll hero from Warcraft.
When the"hero" class called DeathKnight was first introduced to WoW. the concept was even more damaged.

Today the only equivalent of Warcraft Unit in WoW would be the army of ghouls raised by the Death Knight. the NPC army in AV and the NPCs in general.

This very confusion is the reason why I don't like arena very much. Arena rewards the gear for the best players. The best of the best gets top gear from "Colliseum" to then dominate in any "War".

If WoW was more like Warcraft, players would be obsolete units until after grinding honnor /experience and reputation from World PvP/ BGs to gain a higher status of "Hero Unit" and gain the 'Elite'/'Rare' icon around their portrait, their hp/dmg boosted by a significant amount and additional abilities to differentiate them from normal units/players.
This concept was obviously slightly approached in Vanilla honnor grinding for Rank 14 status.
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