The Manhunter Feral PvP 1.12 by KaOs
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Warsong ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
What to expect:

Somewhat original music
World PvP
Shitty gear
casual, clean editing

Ive been playing druid since 29/09/2006 but I never managed to get it to 60 before TBC and I decided to roll one on feenix blizzlike private server from patch-1.12.

A lot of people bash on the feral spec (in vanilla) as being worthless and just a less powerful rogue. I personally think its the most underestimated spec and one of the strongest spec & class combination there is. Id say the only weakness feral got is the lack of available gear.

This video is just compilation of the greatest and funniest pvp moments on my feral druid that I manage to record the last month on the warsong server.
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