60 Paladin Solo Ragnaros by clugor
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Drak'thul ( Vengeance )
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I've yet to see this done by anybody else.

5.4 nerfed gems and enchants for twinks drastically, this is by far my most impressive solo to date.

I dunno why the screen goes black from 4:38 to 4:52, but you don't miss anything important.

So at first I decided I'd try and fight him while being in Melee Range and running back after being punted far away, until I realized that by the time I'd make it back he'd punt me again instantly.

As you can see, I stand close enough to deal damage with consecration but just out of his melee range to avoid being punted. Meaning I wasn't able to Crusader Strike or Shield of Righteousness.

When there isn't anybody in Rags melee range he'll cast a Magma blast for 6k damage without fire resist, I had enough to only take 5400 damage instead. I managed to heal through this via holy Flame and Flash of Lights.

He also likes to do a smaller punt for about 2k damage regardless of where you stand, which caused a few deaths when I wasn't able to Flash between Magma Smash's.

The best part is surviving the adds he spawns when he submerges every 3 minutes. About 10 spawn and deal fire melee damage, as well as draining your mana each time you're hit. Good thing Holy Flame only costs Holy Power and Prot Mana Regen is high.

Straight up tanking the Adds would be suicide as they deal about 2k damage per hit. I figured I would make use of Dazing Shield Glyph and Holy Wrath being able to stun Elementals, which worked wonderfully. They also seem to share the same Mechanics as the sons in Firelands in which once they're ~20% hp they barely move. Paladin utility pulled through with crazy HoT healing and 2 magic damage reduction cooldowns.

Rinse and repeat from there. Fight was about 29 minutes, clips were sped up of course.
I'll upload a normal speed un-edited video sometime this week.

Done during Patch 5.4 on Oct 12 2013.
Armory of Character used: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character...

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