The l33t team 2: Tales of a lost adventurer by Ighton
Class: Unknown | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Note: You don't have to watch The l33t team 1 in order to understand TLT2
Description: (contains spoilers)
After their abrupt lockup in dalaran jail, Nubface, Awesome and Unknown have to find their escape. A quick call to the l33t team HQ sends Sunshine away to get them out of there. Not all is what it seems though, because back in orgrimmar, a change has happend. A new warchief has been chosen, and a rampaging dragon is on the loose.

Back in their base, they get a call from a far away place, Hemet Nesingwary! He needs their help, but the truth is uncovered. Is Hemet really who he says he is?
Music (in order and artist):
Evening Melodrama by Kevin Macleod
Clenched Teeth by Kevin Macleod
Hidden Agenda by Kevin Macleod
Welcome to Stranglethorn Vale by The lonely rider
Call to Adventure by Kevin Macleod
Five armies by Kevin Macleod
The tales of Hemet Nesingwary by The lonely rider
Plaint by Kevin Macleod

All music by Kevin Macleod can be found at
Original music by the lonely rider is currently not available for download
A huge thanks to Bergil for helping me out with some shots. You can find his channel at
Thanks for watching!
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