Mercedesa III by Mercedesa/Marius
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Mercedesa/Marius's Arena Team 1
Somesan Mercedesa Fenai/Fajth
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My stream.

Arena Tournament

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Mercedesa. I got my Gladiator title for being rank4 at 2704 in 3v3 and I was rank6 LSP too at 2636 last season ended on 18th of August 2013. I achieved 2717 in 2v2 as Rdruid/Destro as well as 2500+ on 3 different warlocks in Restosham/Destro.

These games were taken from my stream vods and include 2v2 and 3v3 games vs well known Gladiators in Arena Tournament community such as Serenity, Neikz, Rezetx, Crock, Homerjay, Uahaunt, Chalapeno, Simbadx, Yppiekay, Onemoretime and more others!

This is an exclusive 3.3.5a version PVP movie recorded on Arena Tournament server. Please do not downrate because of the not so better video quality or because of the version.
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