Conclave of Wind 10man Normal solo Mage by Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Hyjal ( Cataclysme )
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Hello eveyone !

I'm starting a new series of videos called "One Mage vs T11" and here is the first one : Conclave of Wind, 10 man normal mode.
The fight itself is quite easy, but soloing it, especially for casters, can be a real nightmare if you aren't familiar with 100% of the mechanics.

=== General informations ===

Spec : Fire
Item level : 572 atm
Talents : PoM, Ice Barrier, Cold Snap, Living Bomb, Invocation
Glyphs : Evocation, Ice Block. Combustion possible (not used here)
Buffs : +300 food, flask, stat drums, stam scrolls

=== About the encounter ===

As said before, the fight is basically a nuke. Every boss (especially the first one) has to go down as fast as possible.

Start on Anshal's platform. The main reason behind this choice is that Anshal will reset the fight if nobody is on his platform when he spawns his adds. After engaging him, you have exactly 4 seconds before being silenced by Rohash. When this happens, Ice Block the debuff out, you then have 3 seconds immunity from Rohash silence and Nezir haste debuff. Use PoM and Alter Time, cast as many spells as you can. When you get silenced again wait until AT expires and kill Anshal as fast as possible.

Move to Nezir's platform and then to Rohash's. Pop Mirror Images and a Living Bomb on Rohash and go back to Nezir. Use Time Warp and blow everything on Nezir before your MI fades out.

When Nezir is dead it's cake, just go to Rohash and finish him.

Stay tuned for more T11 soloing and thanks for watching :)

Armory link :
Music : Tobu - Clean Getaway :

Enjoy :)
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