Mopazor II Fire by Sbkzor
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary

After the mini success of Britta TBC Rogue, I decided to work on another project based on my youtube recordings.
This video is exclusively made for WCM's audience, and I haven't uploaded it on youtube.

I noticed that a lot of fire mage movies from "TBC" were made with LK talent, so I wanted to show the real TBC situations.
-CoC sharing DR with DragonBreath,
-No DeepFreeze
-Evocation does not heal
and many little differences.
Casters were not kings on TBC, like they became with TLK expansions.

So here is my little tribute to FireMage on TBC.
Mage is probably the best class you can play in battlegrounds, because there are many many ways to handle 1vX situations, even as Fire, the spec which makes your mage weak (compared to other spec) BUT with an awesome burst.
I play Fire Frost, for IcyVeins and improved snares, so I don't have CS improved.
I still make mistakes don't expect to watch Lindmilo, or Gameking.. but I think this is good if u compare with other TBC mage videos (overall as fire). This spec became really good with LK, really so keep that in mind.

What to Expect:
- Metal/Emoscream (tracklist in ending)
- 1vX in Battlegrounds (rogue+x)
- Teamplay

What to NOT Expect:
- Dubstep
- Outdoor PVP / Arenas / Duels
- Engineering
- Bloc-Coil etc.. if u want that, u can check out my youtube chanel.

This video is kinda short cuz it's hard for me to get interesting footage, it's a compilation on some good moment shared on youtube, so it's only 30FPS cuz I recorded on YOUTUBE, yes.

I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe get good memories back.
If you wanna play on TBC, you can check.
- WoWMania.ft if you are french,
-, if you don"t care about language
-, if you can wait for an awesome server opening.
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