Elegon 2 man (blood dk/hunter) by mrhunter
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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hunter POV

zabuza - ravencrest eu (549 ilvl)
signaa - ravencrest eu (568 ilvl)

talents and glyphs used: www.wowhead.com/talent#hyfJ|dkqkMo
death knight:
talents and glyphs used: www.wowhead.com/talent#k!DT|mdcVRm

phase 1: Try to push boss intro transition phase as fast as possible with the adds killed on the platform and the tank not resetting stacks for a higher vengeance buff, hunter uses deterrence to avoid the explosion of the adds. Try to keep stacks low as hunter so you don't take too much damage during transition.

phase 2 (1): Aim for a minimum of 3 waves of orbs (4 debuffs on Elegon). The amount of debuffs on the boss is crucial as it will make the remaining phases shorter the more waves you kill. Our aim was killing 4 waves yet in this attempt we only managed to kill 3, though we managed to kill 5 waves of orbs in phase 2 (2) which gave Elegon 10 debuffs.

glyph of pestilence is very handy to get dots on the orbs, the hunter will most likely have to help the death knight kill the orbs the more waves you kill. Use death's advance talent at wave 3 or 4 depending on the amount of waves you are aiming. Make sure you keep black arrow on elegon for lock and load procs.

The pillars should be handled fast since the longer it takes, the closer you get to the berserk timer and the more adds spawn. Have 1 person move counter clockwise and 1 person moving clockwise, meeting each other in the middle with the adds. Move on the boss platform as soon as you are able to.

phase 1 (2): Since this phase takes a bit longer, we used heroism to push the boss into the second transition faster, giving us more time to nuke it with most debuffs. After 1 or 2 adds the tank should reset his stacks by summoning his pet or having the hunter's pet in melee range to take a hit of the boss. Use death's advance to run off the platform and swiftly reset stacks.

phase 2 (2): Same tactic as first transition, kill as many orbs as possible although without a minimum of at least 8 stacks on the boss, it will be hard to survive and kill the boss before the berserk timer. In this attempt we managed to get 10 debuffs on the boss.

phase 3: Nuke the boss, dps dont stand in the breath.
mount did not drop ^^

We have spent many hours practicing this fight with lower gear, but with the current tier it should be doable to try to 2 man it with different combinations than just the death knight or hunter. It was fun for us to 2 man it and we hope we are of help to all the other mount farmers who want to try it.

music used:
Zack Hemsey - See what Ive become
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory
Zack Hemsey - Redemption
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