Flying in Lost Isles via Offline Mode by VOTU
Class: Priest | Category: Other | Server : US - Skywall ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Here's a fun video on how to fly in one of the goblin starting areas, the Lost Isles. In order to do this exploration, you need the quest "Precious Cargo". Once you have the quest get Offline Mode ready. Log-off, Spam enter on realm selection screen, Log back in, and D/C Once you have accepted the quest and flying the chopper.

D/C Macro:
/run for v=1,500 do for i = 1,GetNumFactions() do SetWatchedFactionIndex(i) end end

Music: Felix Cartel - New Scene (Remix) Credits to Suicide Sheep.

Thanks for Watching, and as always.. More Coming!!!
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