Overedited Ferality - Trailer by Molov
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Illidan ( Cataclysme )
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Hello, this is my first pvp video (will be), i know you've seen better, i'm far from good. I do accept criticism as long as i know what i did wrong.

haven't seen any bg/wpvp feral movie in a good while, so i'm trying to put something a bit different, sorry for the music a bit mainstream/screamo, i was looking for something i liked and that has punch, the full video will have some fresh music, with some quite well known too tho.

Don't expect really crazy feral gameplay, i'm not that good, it's mostly for entertainment and because i like to edit shit, otherwise i'd tryhard boring arenas that i don't enjoy with no editing.

Mmmh, don't know what else to say, hope you liked it. I'll release here the full movie if this trailer gets decent rating, if not i'll just spare you the pain of it.

Yes, a lot of arathi because i'm farming the reputation. Trying to get some world pvp but it's not easy to get decent world pvp footage, at least for me. And yes i'm mostly PvE hero

Also, not a lot of cool tricks, since the nerfs of our cool shits like ns and instant cyclone, haven't been lucky/quick enough to record some neither so far.

Finally, for some pve shit:
youtube.com/user/TheUselessBrain (some idiot took molov before :
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