Necrom4ncer by Veinmetal
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bonechewer ( Reckoning )
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Stonecastle: I think his whole account is for trolling, none of his videos makes sense.
He's released 82 videos, with nearly 400 days played over the past 9 years. No troll is that dedicated. Perhaps in the beginning these were legitimate attempts at content...

Veinmetal: We all know time turns old content into gold. Almost non edited raw footage with obsolete fights can become good material later in time. In the far future anyone would just like to see normal PvP from back then. Not necessarily exclusive ''that one moment when you omg 1vs5 '' footage. But simply boring usual PvP action.
Besides in 2004 nobody would use the expression of troll. ''Trolling'' was NOT the reason my character was a troll.

TheDakz + Zimakai:
374 days played.... still backpedeling
Pretty much this.. Also i am not sure if this is troll or serious o.O

Veinmetal: Bruce Lee was also backpedaling sometimes. Backpedaling isn`t necessarily bad. The urban legend of the newbie backpedaler probably started when casters didn`t know how to kite with strife+cast on the side.
I am not one of those newbs. I can strife and kite+shoot on side. But I can also scorch+backpedall in situations where there is no rapid necessity to urgently distance yourself from the enemy. Maybe .. backpedalling can be annoying from spectating perspective though.

i cant tell if this video is serious or a troll.. you showed some lame fights, alter time for no reason etc.. this must be a troll video...

Veinmetal: Non edited raw footage with obsolete fights can become good material later in time when nostalgia kicks in (2032?).

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