Insane 1v1 (Arena Tournament) by Perplexity
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
this movie is filmed on and features 22 minutes of DUELS. That's right, 22 minutes. If you don't like duels, don't watch; I'm not forcing you to watch the video! This is intended to be a continuation of my previous movie Insane Frags but I felt that 22 minutes of duels in a single movie is too much (so I made a separate movie)

- duels vs.
@ 4:00 Homerjay (multiglad hunter, find his movies here:
@ 9:20 Jixxy (2600 lock, sub him!
@ 12:59 Shinta (multiglad warrior)
@ 15:35 Lomz (2800 frost mage)
@ 6:58 Prida (regarded as one of the best roguevsrogue players)
@ 0:00 Nanrige (2600 fire mage)
@ 18:50 Acid (regarded as the best roguevsrogue player)
@ 17:08 Deoc (1v1 tournament champion, mage)

I picked the duels from each player which I felt showed the most entertaining shizzle, feel free to skip to certain players if you wish to see specific class duels
enjoy :3
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