Disc Priest 2vs2 Action (Cataclysm) by Praeya
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Dethecus ( Hinterhalt )
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NOTE before watch: All footage is CATACLYSM !!

I just found my last fraps records from cataclysm times and decided to put them together to show some 2vs2 action.

Dont expect high skills, there are some obvious mistakes and the opponents are often bad. The matches from live server were just cap games with some friends and undergeared chars (mmr 1600-1800).
The two games where i am nightelf were recorded from Blizzard Tournament Realm (our mmr always was 1800++).

Some notes to the matches:

vs. Priest/Rogue on live server: The oppenents leaved the arena some seconds after the last shown scene so dont wonder why that game suddenly stops

vs. mirror on TR: We had some nice games against them, but the lose was the only footage i found :D In that match i just waited too long for using my trinket and at the end i shouldve healed myself up instead of running to the pillar first.

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