Espada - Arms Warrior PvP (January 12th, 2014) by Espada
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kil'Jaeden ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary

After viewing everything I believe that Google Drive and YouTube download mirrors have superior quality 1080p HD streams on their websites compared to the WCM Stream and YouTube embedded stream on the WarcraftMovies page.

WCM Stream's FHC setting is the most sharply defined of the different settings but it is choppy; YouTube's embedded stream is much blurrier than on YouTube's website. I do not know if this changes with time or not.


Game-play I've managed to record and edit from a three hour session of:

Solo Arms Warrior PvP on Kil'jaeden (US PvP)

World PvP: Elwyn Forest - Tower of Azura and Eastvale Logging Camp

Unrated Battleground: Call To Arms - Twin Peaks

Bonus: A few duels I have recorded before to test my set-up and a slide-show of screen-shots I have taken of my characters in the past.

--Music List:

The Zodiac
by Kamelot
on Poetry for the Poisoned

Hunter's Season
by Kamelot
on Poetry for the Poisoned

by Edenbridge
on My Earth Dream

Disappear In You
by Clandestine
on The Invalid

Super Heiss Ins Trommelfell (S.H.I.T.)
by We Butter Our Bread With Better
on Goldkinder

Good Behavior
by Plumb
on Chaotic Resolve

Why So Serious
by Pretty Maids
on Motherland

Undying Devotion
by Edenbridge
on My Earth Dream

Further Afield
by Edenbridge
on Solitare
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