Sensus | WoW Rogue PvP | Slice and Dice 4 (WoW Mop Rogue PvP Movie) [Patch 5.4] by SensusYT
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Welcome to the next installment of my PvP montage series, Slice and Dice 4! When I originally set out to make this I wanted it to be the best PvP movie I've made so far and I think I accomplished that. I also wanted it to be not only my project, but a community project involving everyone who wanted to be a part of it which is why I've featured some awesome graphics work made by some of you guys in the credits. Huge thanks to everyone who got involved, and now without further ado I present Slice and Dice 4!!! :D (Watch in HD!)

Note: Most clips were recorded at the beginning of season 14 so some players in the video (including myself) were still in the process of getting gear.

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What to Expect:
Solo Battleground PvP (Sub, Assassination, and Combat)
Rogue Tricks
Duels vs. Retribution Paladin
Duels vs. Destruction Warlock
Solo World PvP

Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Voicians Remix)
Our Last Night - Never Felt This Way
Fail Emotions - Reborn
Nero Argento - Cobrak
Our Last Night - Same Old War
Our Last Night - Sunrise


Our Last Night:

Fail Emotions:
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