Skumarg - The Harmony of War - World of Warcraft Dueling Montage (1) by Skumarg
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Test Server US (PvP)
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Movie Summary
Hey guys! It's Kurt/Skumarg here, and my friend, Isaac, and I decided to make a little dueling montage. He was the troll hunter you saw many times in the video, and the other people were just randoms I dueled. I'm not the best warrior, but this is just for my own editing skills, and for fun. :D

If you want more, just tell me. :) I'll probably make more on my own, because I enjoyed this. It's my first time ever doing it, and It's probably kind of bad, but again, it's my first time. I think it ended up amazingly, but please tell me suggestions on what I should do for it. :)

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Songs used:
Ifertehno - Shinrog
Cosmic Harmony - ForeverBound
Mystery - DJ Theof

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