Vabakadabra I - TBC Mage PvP [UNFINISHED] by Vabaduce
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Molten Core ( Nightfall )
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[2:02 is an encoding error by WCM]

Howdy Folks

This project has been idling on my HDD for about 6 months now.
I wasn't pleased with the outcome (40% was done) and I also lost motivation pretty soon. Figured some people might still enjoy some TBC PvP (unfortunately no world PvP, no one is playing it on the server) so I did a quick job and scrapped everything together. Machinima stuff is absolutely unfinished, VFX are missing and also a bunch of SFX like enemy spells are not in the video. I hope the music wasn't used before in a WoW PvP movie (except the first song, I forgot Dilir used it, sorry about that).

But I'm not done yet with my excuses.

While there's probably too much editing to say the focus was originally on the PvP footage, I still feel like I have to point some things out:
- No engineering was used (except in 1 clip)
- I play with one of the weakest specs
- Every opponent has at least fully gemed and enchanted s2 gear, which means 10k HP + and ~400 resilience
- Enemies in my clips use a lot of cooldowns and pots
- All the 1v1 clips are basically just fillers because I didn't manage to record more. Again, I got bored playing.
- My shoulders, chest and dagger are transmogged.
- I clicked my pots because I only used them for PvE and never had the intention to use them for PvP.
- Emote macros la Gameking are just a joke, don't take it serious
- Ice Lance spam was not intended.

That's about it. Some information at the end of the video.
There's also a nasty render bug at the very end, but after encoding 3 times I really couldn't be arsed anymore.

My next few projects are going to be shorter and less tryhard, so stay tuned for that. If you got some footage feel free to contact me on WCM.

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