Vabakadabra I - TBC Mage PvP [UNFINISHED] by Vabaduce
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Molten Core ( Nightfall )
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[2:02 is an encoding error by WCM]

This project has been idling on my HDD for about 6 months now.
I wasn't pleased with the outcome (40% was done) and I also lost motivation pretty soon. Figured some people might still enjoy some TBC PvP (unfortunately no world PvP, no one is playing it on the server) so I did a quick job and scrapped everything together. Machinima stuff is absolutely unfinished, VFX are missing and also a bunch of SFX like enemy spells are not in the video. I hope the music wasn't used before in a WoW PvP movie (except the first song, I forgot Dilir used it, sorry about that).

While there's probably too much editing to say the focus was originally on the PvP footage, I still feel like I have to point some things out:
- No engineering was used (except in 1 clip)
- Every opponent has at least fully gemed and enchanted s2 gear, which means 10k HP + and ~400 resilience
- Enemies in my clips use a lot of cooldowns and pots
- All the 1v1 clips are basically just fillers because I didn't manage to record more. Again, I got bored playing.
- My shoulders, chest and dagger are transmogged.
- I clicked my pots because I only used them for PvE and never had the intention to use them for PvP.
- Emote macros la Gameking are just a joke, don't take it serious
- Ice Lance spam was not intended.

That's about it. Some information at the end of the video.
There's also a nasty render bug at the very end, but after encoding 3 times I really couldn't be arsed anymore.

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